Recruiting should not only tap internal and external affinity groups, but also employee resource groups—voluntary, employee-led groups that act as safe spaces in organizations where members “can voice their opinions and help the company’s leadership understand the group’s unique perspective,” IAA said.

These groups are centers for ideas and prospects. They can include women’s networks, networks for people of color, LGBTQ networks, working parent support groups, veteran support groups, young professionals groups, and community impact and volunteerism committees.

The IAA’s new guide offers a library of other diversity and inclusion resources, including reports, studies and guides from a wide swath of industry and academia, including Morgan Stanley, McKinsey & Company and the Harvard Business Review.

“The IAA is committed to working collectively with its members, with policy makers and with business leaders to promote diversity, equity and inclusion as a value for our industry,” Barr said. “We are committed to providing education, information and resources to help foster significant progress.”

IAA members interested in becoming part of the trade group’s diversity, equity and inclusion work group should contact Nancy Hancock, the association’s vice president of business practices, at [email protected].

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