IBM is working with key companies in metering, monitoring, automation, data communications and software to provide businesses with ways to better manage energy, water, waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Last August, IBM announced a program called Green Sigma, a consulting service it offers to companies to help them improve efficiency, increase quality and lower costs whenever energy and water are used. Last week, it announced it was forming an alliance-the Green Sigma Coalition-with other companies so they can offer comprehensive solutions for clients to better understand energy and water usage, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions across their business operations and make changes to improve efficiency, reduce consumption and waste, and lower environmental impact.

The charter members of the Charter members of the Green Sigma Coalition are Johnson Controls, Honeywell Building Solutions, ABB, Eaton, ESS, Cisco, Siemens Building Technologies Division, Schneider Electric and SAP. The coalition members will work with IBM to integrate their products and services with IBM's Green Sigma program.

Through Green Sigma, IBM applies six principles and practices to energy, water, waste and GHG emissions throughout a company's operations-transportation systems, data centers and IT systems, manufacturing and distribution centers, office facilities, retail space, research and development sites, etc. The solution combines real-time metering and monitoring with advanced analytics and dashboards that allow clients to make better decisions that improve efficiency, lower costs and reduce environmental impact.

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