ThinkTech Inc., a TD Ameritrade affiliate, recently announced a number of major enhancements to iRebal, its highly-regarded intelligent rebalance and trade order management system.

The product, which has long offered tax efficient household level rebalancing, cash management, tax loss harvesting and trade management capabilities now sports a new user interface. "The new interface offers a much improved user experience," said Justin Di Filippo, TD Ameritrade Institutional's senior product manager.  

The new ribbon interface will feel familiar to those using a recent edition of Microsoft Office. The ribbon improves navigation, reduces mouse clicks, and exposes more functionality to users. Icons can be structured in various sizes, so the icon required for common tasks will draw the immediate attention of users. An action bar on the left of the screen displays five icons, each representing a common workflow for easy access.

Other new features include the ability to "detach" screen views, so those with multiple monitors can drag and drop screen view from one monitor to another and work within multiple screens simultaneously. A new, customizable client allocation report allows the viewer to contract the current portfolio with the target portfolio.

The other major enhancement is the integration of iRebal trade order management system with the VEO Open Access Platform, the first integration of its kind. This integration allows straight through trade order processing from within iRebal to TD Ameritrade Institutional.

The interface is intelligent enough to submit sells before buys in order to make sure liquidity is available. When a "sell all" order is submitted for a holding, the interface will check to make sure the shares on the custodial platform are equal to the holdings reflected in iRebal. According to Di Filippo, one advisory firm testing the new trading interface saw time savings in excess of 80% over their previous trading workflow with TD Ameritrade.

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--Joel Bruckenstein