The bottom line is that people are worried about their money, the bubble has been burst that anyone can consistently predict and time the market, and people need help getting and keeping their entire financial house in order now more than ever before.

Success is not about belief in what's going to happen in the market or the economy. It's about having belief in yourself and belief that you add value regardless of what's happening in the market and the economy.

©2008 by Bill Bachrach, Bachrach & Associates Inc.  All rights reserved. Bill Bachrach is the author of several books, including the best-selling Values-Based Financial Planning. He has delivered approximately 2,000 keynote speeches and presentations teaching financial professionals to build high-trust client relationships. For 20 years he and his team have trained successful advisors and planners to dramatically improve their client loyalty, build their business by referral only, and live a very high quality of life.

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