The Investments & Wealth Institute has entered a partnership wwith CEG Insights, the research arm of advisor coaching, and consulting firm CEG Worldwide, to collaborate on various types of research designed for advisors targeting affluents clients. The partnership was announced today  at the Institute’s flagship annual conference, Experience 2024, in Las Vegas.

The collaboration between the Institute and CEG Insights, the research arm of the San Martin, Calif.-based consulting firm, will center on creating “several types of research deliverables to enterprise, team, and individual stakeholders who serve or aspire to serve HNW clients,” according to a press release.

The release detailed exactly what the research partnership in its first year includes.

1.The Institute and CEG Insights “will jointly develop and deliver co-branded, custom research to interested Institute enterprise (firm-level) clients who seek help in solving the needs that their advisor teams have to be able to improve and grow their businesses and better serve HNW clients,” according to the release. “The topic of these research projects will be driven by the enterprise client and based on a negotiated fee agreed upon by the Institute, CEG Insights, and the enterprise client involved.”

2. CEG Insights currently “offers a subscription service to its stakeholders via the Wealth Management Mastery Series, a highly regarded research series that provides a wide range of knowledge and strategies for successfully serving HNW clients. The Institute will help promote a curated version of the Mastery Series to its enterprise clients who represent potential prospects for CEG in an effort to further expand awareness and adoption,” the release said.

3. Since 2008, the Investments & Wealth Monitor has “provided IWI members with a quarterly research publication called Investments & Wealth Research. This informative series delivers practice-oriented topics designed to help members better serve their clients and distinguish their expertise in a global, and highly competitive marketplace. CEG Insights will work with IWI editorial staff to develop and deliver new research findings as part of this series,” the release continued.

At the Experience event today, Bowen is presenting present CEG Insights' latest findings, suggesting that now is an ideal time to work with affluent entrepreneurs: 20% of those surveyed, with an average of $15.6 million in assets, will likely change advisors within two years. CEG’s findings were also outlined in the March issue of Financial Advisor.

“Our 2023 Institute member-needs survey indicated that nearly 70 percent of our members already find Investments & Wealth Research—a component of the Institute’s Investments & Wealth Monitor publication—to be a valuable member benefit,” said Sean R. Walters, CAE®, Chief Executive Officer for the Institute, in a prepared statement. “We expect this partnership with CEG Worldwide to further enhance our research offering as CEG has an unparalleled understanding of how elite advisors who operate in the HNW space can further elevate their practices to be successful and provide even more successful outcomes for clients.”

In the May issue of the Investments & Wealth Monitor, Bowen author an article on CEG's latest research on problems encountered by wealth management teams.