CRM software, the developers of Junxure CRM for financial advisors, has announced details of their strategy to deliver a "cloud-based" version of Junxure.

"We intend to offer a competitive cloud-based solution in 2012", Junxure President Greg Friedman said.  "We've been very careful and methodical to develop a Web product that truly meets the needs of advisors." 

Friedman made clear that Junxure cloud was not a replacement for the current desktop/server based version of Junxure, but rather an extension of the Junxure product line. The company will continue to support, develop and enhance the current Junxure product, which is currently used by over 9,000 financial professionals.

"Our web product will seamlessly combine the essentials of Junxure with the inherent benefits of the cloud," he said.

The first release of the Junxure Web product "includes critical features that advisors need to deliver great client service and run efficient businesses," Friedman said. This indicates that the Web-based version will not be a clone of the current version, but rather a separate product designed for and optimized for a cloud environment.