Justin Breen is Founder and CEO of BrEpic Communications, a global PR firm that partners exclusively with visionaries. He is also the founder and the driving force behind BrEpic Network, an invitation-only, premium connecting platform for the who’s who in business, philanthropy and global leadership. 

Prince: What is your personal mission?
Breen: The way I see it, the purpose of my life is to be a connecting superhero who transforms lives for visionary-, investment-, abundance-mindset entrepreneurs and shares their stories with the world. By putting the right people together, we’ll be able to solve the problems plaguing the world. The problem is for most leading entrepreneurs, they’re not able to make the connections resulting in the biggest impact.

But it’s not just about making introductions. Very often it’s also about identifying the patterns so that all involved recognize the value and the opportunities they can share. I’ve proven to be very good at taking complex problems in the world and immediately simplifying them into patterns. For example, the basic formula for creating a successful global company is quite simple. First you have to see a problem. Then you must create a solution. With the problem solved, you’re able to build a successful global company.

My firm’s simple, four-step process to create massive, global media placements is on our website—www.BrEpicLLC.com. Our thinking, focused on simplifying and our track record of results, attracts many of the world’s top entrepreneurs. These are outstanding leaders, many of whom consistently say they are tired of being the best-kept secret, and they want to be in media, usually on a global level. The outcome of our efforts is more validity and credibility for their businesses and brands. 

Prince: Please explain your latest initiative, BrEpic Network.
Breen: My mission is to connect the world’s top entrepreneurs, business leaders and game-changing visionaries. While I’ve personally been able to make all this happen, I realized there needed to be a more expansive and more efficacious way to connect visionaries, so they can make to make an exponential difference. That led me to create the BrEpic Network and the website—www.BrEpicNetwork.com.

With BrEpic Network, I’m applying the same formula I use at BrEpic Communications. What I’m building is a “giant incubator of geniuses that are constantly introducing each other for mutual gain.”

BrEpic Network is an invite-only, exclusive platform to facilitate connectivity among many of the best-of-the-best in their fields who want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. BrEpic Network brings a simple, yet powerful technology to this network of visionary leaders and connectors. Leaders want instant, credible, vetted access to other leaders, and they want results in deliverable fashion. BrEpic Network allows all this to happen at an astounding rate. 

Through BrEpic Network, members simply put a request for an introduction on the platform, get qualified names of the member’s networks, and then decide who to contact and get properly introduced by the member. These requests range anywhere from a specific professional in order to achieve or fast-track a result to a decision maker in a company to an individual to help drive revenues. 

Take for example Chris, an entrepreneur who recently got an offer to sell his high-seven-figure company. Chris was first introduced to a qualified M&A professional, who determined the offer was too low, and then increased the company’s valuation by 20% and got the company prepared to sell within a two-month period. The second introduction was a carefully selected private equity professional who put the first offer to purchase Chris’ company slightly above valuation. This offer helped raise the interest in Chris’ business, which led to two more offers. Chris sold his business for 35% over the original offer, and those two introductions resulted in an $8 million gain. 

The ease of functionality of the network is having multiple guides create the best way to introduce members, ensure full collaboration in the first meeting and the means to maximize the relationship. 

Prince: What do you see as the future for BrEpic Network and similar initiatives?
Breen: I strongly believe that connectivity platforms for top thought-leaders, executives, visionaries and business leaders will be crucial for these people to achieve their dreams and for society to optimally benefit. This is even more the case in a post-COVID world. While I currently have more than 50,000 followers on social media heavily weighted to entrepreneurs and journalists, the network ensures greater efficiencies and better outcomes. Without question, well thought out and structured connectivity platforms are the future.

My intent is to have BrEpic Network become a global platform that serves the top 0.1% of the population. These are the individuals who are creating the technologies, companies and ideas that employ and benefit the other 99.9%. The way I see it, by creating a platform exclusively for the best-of-the-best, the whole world will benefit.

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