Keel Point tapped the former CEO of Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, Cheryl Bachelder, as the event’s guest speaker.

“My goal was to challenge the audience to explore servant leadership, which I have to believe yields superior performance results,” said Bachelder, who has worked for major brands such as Domino’s, and RJR Nabisco before spending a decade with Popeye’s and developing the female leaders there through Popeye’s women’s leadership forum.

Servant leadership is the idea that a leader should aim for authority rather than power through demonstrating certain behaviors like listening and stewardship, which encourage personal growth and promote well being in others.

Cheryl Bachelder at Keel Point WOmen's Leadership Summit“We knew that Cheryl’s unique experience and background with how she employed servant leadership throughout her career would be a message that the women of our community would want to hear,” said Wiseman.

Nearly 300 local women attended the event, showing to Wiseman and her Keel Point peers that Huntsville women were extremely interested.

One attendee and a Keel Point client said she didn’t realize the event was so needed until she saw how many women leaders came. “This was a bigger event than I have ever seen them put on before,” said Amanda Howard, the founder and CEO of Amanda Howard Real Estate. “It was really awesome.”

Howard invited all the female leaders within her company and said all came but one.

“Keel Point is demonstrating their commitment to the community of Huntsville by sponsoring this kind of event.” said Bachelder. “It evidences their genuine concern for the place where they live and do business. I admire the company.”

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