And Fidelity Investments and the state of Florida pension fund said they’re examining their relationship with the firm.

The younger Fisher’s post went up Wednesday and had 54 comments by Thursday afternoon. A majority of the comments, some of which were from employees, were in support of the post.

“I wish your comments here could find a wider audience,” one person replied. “Individuals that know your father, or work with him, understand his unique abilities and social eccentricities. The wider audience lacks that insight and have, and will continue, to make decisions based on his words and not his deeds. I am a great admirer of what he has accomplished and would be saddened to see his hard work diminished by a few words that in his mind were acceptable at the time.”

Another said: “Nathan, no one actually cares about any of this. No one is outraged, no one is offended. Either people shrug it off, or take it as an opportunity to do some serious virtue signaling.”

Others were not so kind: “What an excellent example of someone not taking responsibility for their actions,” one said.

Said another: “Saying your father's brain ‘being wired’ differently is nothing short of a lame excuse and cop-out. Reminder: Heavy is the head that wears the crown. It’s up to your firm's leadership to set the tone and be more responsible with your team's viewpoint, stance and language. Don't hide misogyny behind the excuse of a brain that is ‘wire differently.’ That's laziness. Your father isn't a victim here. His true colors came out in a closed-door ‘fire side chat’ ... deal with the repercussions.”

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