The SBA is testing an application programming interface, or API, which should allow financial institutions’ systems to connect directly with the agency’s, according to a person familiar with the matter, potentially speeding up the process dramatically.

The program also was initially limited to SBA lenders, meaning 60% of financial institutions couldn’t participate and faced delays trying to get certified, said Paul Merski of the Independent Community Bankers of America. Online and other non-bank lenders can apply to lend, but the application form was just released on Wednesday.

Small businesses have also been frustrated in trying to get loans approved because some banks aren’t accepting applications unless the borrower has an existing lending account. Banks blame time-consuming federal rules requiring them to verify customers designed to catch terrorists and money launderers.

“It might take the Treasury Department really pushing some banks,” billionaire Mark Cuban said Thursday in a Bloomberg Television interview. “I really truly expected that forward-thinking banks would use this as a way to attract new customers because it’s a unique opportunity, but they just haven’t.”

But small business owners are also wary about whether they’ll be able to get the loan forgiven at the end of the eight-week period and be stuck with a loan they can’t repay, even with payments deferred for six months.

“No one has ever disbursed this amount of cash in such a short amount of time, not surprised things are crashing.” said Justin Catalana, chief executive of Fort Point Beer Co., a San Francisco-based brewer, distributor and restaurant chain, who’s still waiting for a loan.

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