Lincoln Concierge Offers LTC Tool
Lincoln Financial Group’s new Concierge Care Coordination service is designed to simplify the coordination of formal and informal long-term care service options. According to the Philadelphia-based insurance firm, long-term care may be provided in the form of unpaid “informal” services provided by family and friends or from a variety of paid “formal” options, including home care, adult day care centers, assisted-living facilities and nursing homes. The online tool is intended to provide a process for planning care before and during a long-term-care event.

The Concierge Care Coordination features include a comprehensive list of local providers and resources—from personal and home health-care services to nursing and living options. There is also an online needs assessment feature that catalogs a policyholder’s current situation to help create a plan for care. There is also an online library of articles, how-to videos and checklists related to health, aging and elder care. A social network called “Care Circle” is designed to aid communication among caregivers and family members, keeping everyone connected and informed on the well-being of the policyholder.

“Facing a long-term-care event is challenging enough for individuals and their loved ones, so it’s important that the tasks of arranging quality care and support services or filing claims are as simple as possible,” says Michael Hamilton, vice president, linked benefit product management, Lincoln Financial Group.

Calvert Introduces SRI Water App
Calvert Investments has developed an app intended to increase awareness of global water challenges and investment opportunities.
The Calvert Water Investing App includes:
• “Daily Drip”—news about water-related issues of interest.
• “Learn”—facts about global water challenges and environmental impacts.
• “Views”—commentary, analysis and daily tweets from Calvert water analysts.
• “Invest”—performance updates about the Calvert Global Water Fund and the portfolio management team.

“For us, success is about not only helping clients recognize investment opportunities but also enabling clients to be part of the solution to key sustainability challenges,” says Matt Alsted, vice president of marketing at Calvert.

Hatteras Introduces PE Intelligence Fund
Raleigh, N.C.-based Hatteras Funds has introduced a daily liquid fund that is an alternative to private equity. The Hatteras PE Intelligence Fund is designed to provide access to returns that are similar to those that may be achieved through a global, broad-based investment in private equity buyout funds.

“Private equity has consistently delivered a return premium versus other asset classes,” says Michael J. Hutten, president of distribution. “However, long lockup periods, a lack of transparency and large minimum investments have been challenges for many investors. The PE Intelligence Fund targets private equity-type returns, but in a transparent, liquid, cost-efficient and easy-to-use structure.”

LPL Adds Millennium’s Solution To Platform
Millennium Trust Company’s Automatic Rollover Solution has been added to LPL Financial’s retirement planning services platform. LPL’s Worksite Financial Solutions is designed to help retirement plan sponsors and advisors address the needs of plan participants throughout their financial lives.
Millennium’s solution works with plan sponsors and record keepers to move former employees off their books and keep compliant with federal regulations.
“Our Automatic Rollover Solution saves plan sponsors time, money and valuable personnel resources while preserving tax-deferred retirement savings for former employees,” says Terry Dunne, Millennium’s managing director of automatic rollovers.

Goldman Sachs Launches Closed-End Fund
Goldman Sachs Asset Management has launched its first closed-end fund. The MLP Income Opportunities Fund aims to deliver exposure to America’s energy sector by investing primarily in tax-advantaged master limited partnerships.

Focused specifically on midstream companies such as pipeline operators, processors and storage facilities, the fund seeks a high level of total return with an emphasis on current distributions to shareholders.

“MLPs have historically delivered attractive distributions to investors, as well as low interest rate sensitivity. These attributes can be beneficial to investors in either a low or rising rate environment,” says Kyri Loupis, managing director and lead portfolio manager for the fund.