Green America is mounting a major effort to get direct shareholders in publicly traded companies to learn more about key issues-climate change, CEO pay, human rights, and abusive credit card practices-and then vote their proxies.

The main Green America campaign site is at A total of 23 resolutions are featured in the four-part shareholder education center of Green America, formerly known as "Co-op America."

The major resolutions and related information about them were selected by Green America from among the dozens resolutions filed by shareholders affiliated with Ceres, the AFL-CIO, and the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR).

Corporate Responsibility Programs Director Todd Larsen said: "With everything that has happened in recent months, we think the time is right for shareholders to start voting in greater numbers on key proxy issues. If you are a direct shareholder in publicly traded companies, you will receive a proxy-voting packet by mail. Please check out our proxy voting charts to help you choose how to vote on them. Don't surrender your opportunity to help influence the boards and management of the companies you own."