Financial advisors get a lot of unsolicited stuff in their e-mail. Marketing pitches from financial services companies. White papers. Thoughtful pieces from thought leaders. At times, it seems like too much. Little wonder that much of it is ignored. According to Cogent Reports, 82% of material received by advisors likely goes unread.

The inbox deluge can be annoying to recipients. And it can be frustrating to senders if they sense their message isn’t cutting through the clutter. The solution? A number of advisors take a proactive approach by using social media tools such as mobile apps or Twitter to find the people and/or organizations they’re interested in. “Advisors like Twitter because it’s pithy,” says Ellie Bond, product director in the syndicated division at Cogent Reports. “They can read snippets of their own choice in a self-tailored way.”

For their part, marketers need to think about how to segment their audience more effectively to provide targeted information that’s more useful to a particular group, as opposed to flooding the e-mail boxes of people who aren’t well suited for their message, Bond says. “Advisors aren’t saying the stuff they’re getting isn’t good,” she notes. “It’s just that there’s too much information to sift through to find what’s most useful to them.”











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