Members of the Institute for Private Investors, an organization designed for high-net-worth individuals and families, will now have the research and networking services of Campden Media available to them with the recent acquisition of IPI by Campden Media.

"Campden's business-owning and financial family community and IPI members will have enhanced opportunities to network, share and exchange information and intelligence on a global basis," says John Pettifor, Campden CEO.

Adds Charlotte Beyer, founder and CEO of IPI, "Together, IPI and Campden will continue to offer a safe harbor (for high-net-worth investors) dedicated to education and community. Now, IPI members will have the advantage of additional services and an international platform, with future opportunities for access to Campden's global community."

Campden Media produces global events, news and research serving the ultra-high-net-worth, business-owning and financial family community, including many multi-generational family businesses. Based in London, Campden is designed to provide education, news and private networking opportunities to the wealthiest families in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Russia and the United States.

Campden produces Web sites and two magazines for the target audience-Campden FB (Family Business) and Campden FO (Family Office). It is a specialist provider of education and news and arranges conferences worldwide. It produces proprietary research reports on a range of subjects-family offices, philanthropy, women and wealth-of importance to the high-net-worth investment community. The company has offices in London, New York and Singapore.

IPI ( is made up of mainly private investors who will now be able to access the research, conferences and other services produced by Campden Media ( For example, in the coming months, Campden has three conferences planned: Family Alternative Investments, Russian Wealth Creators Forum and the Americas Families in Business.

To participate in a Campden conference or receive its research and magazines, individuals or families must have at least $100 million in net worth and they cannot work for a firm that markets financial products.
IPI was created in 1991 and now has 1,100 members mostly in the United States. The online community provides members with a means of exchanging ideas with other high-net-worth investors.