The Mohr Financial Group has joined the Integrated Partners platform with $430 million in client assets under management, according to a news release.

Ten new advisory firms in California have joined Integrated since mid-2018, and discussions are currently underway with other firms seeking to affiliate as well, the release said.

Mohr Financial Group, a father-son practice in San Diego, is the 40th regional firm in the Southern California market to affiliate with Integrated.

Mohr’s affiliation with Integrated will be key to the continued success of the business as Jim Mohr, who founded it in 2003, transitions to retirement over the next three years, the release said. under the firm’s succession plan, Jim’s 28-year-old son, Mike, will be its new leader when his father retires.

“I came up in this industry learning everything I possibly could from my father,” Mike Mohr said in the release. “As we discussed his succession plan, timeline and the future of our business and the industry, we knew we needed a partner that we could evolve and grow with. There is no question in my mind that Integrated is that partner.”

Integrated’s CPA referral program, financial planning team, and business Alliance were major factors influencing the Mohr family’s decision to join its platform, according to the news releas..

“We pride ourselves on being the ideal home for an advisory firm interested in three things: taking care of their clients, growth and real independence,” said Paul Saganey, Integrated founder and president, in a prepared statement. “Jim Mohr is the prototype of a fantastic veteran advisor (and) his son will carry the torch. We are honored to be part of their family legacy.”

Founded in 1996 as Integrated Financial Partners (IFP), the company changed its name to Integrated Partners in May. Integrated Partners is headquartered in Waltham, Mass.