Natixis Launches Mirova International Sustainable Equity Fund

Natixis Investment Managers, headquartered in Boston, has launched its Mirova International Sustainable Equity Fund.

The fund, an all-cap international equity fund, is seeking long-term capital appreciation by investing in companies that invest in accordance with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and avoiding companies whose activities or products hinder such goals.

The socially conscious fund, co-managed by Jens Peers, Hua Cheng and Amber Fairbanks, seeks to maintain a relatively concentrated portfolio of approximately 50 non-U.S. stocks.

Mirova and Ostrum Asset Management U.S., which is managing the fund’s portfolio, are affiliated firms of Natixis.

361 Capital Launches Global Absolute Return Fund

361 Capital, a boutique asset manager, has launched the 361 Global Equity Absolute Return Fund. The fund is designed to deliver absolute or positive returns and long-term capital appreciation with significantly less variability by investing across global developed equity markets. The fund takes long positions in lower volatility stocks and shorts those that are typically more volatile, while maintaining neutral equity market risk.

Analytic Investors, a $23 billion asset manager based in Los Angeles, will subadvise the fund. Harindra de Silva, Dennis Bein and David Krider are portfolio managers.

361 Capital, founded in 2001 in Denver, is an employee-owned hedge fund manager. The firm offers a suite of actively managed alternative and behavioral-based equity strategies.

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