Regarding the TrueMark ESG Active Opportunities Fund, this product charges an expense ratio of 0.58% and invests in 75 to 100 large-cap names deemed to have attractive investment profiles and which pass a proprietary screening process to ensure they meet certain ESG standards, with a strong emphasis on carbon footprint.

The fund’s subadvisor is Linda Zhang, founder and CEO of Purview Investments, an investment management firm with an ESG-focused global multi-asset strategy implemented through ETFs.

Zhang’s fundamental investment analysis will focus on relative value and quality, and that’s supplemented with third-party scores to provide a secondary check on corporate ESG best practices.

“We want to dispel the notion that ESG means you’re giving away performance, and it doesn’t have to be that,” Loukas says. “In order to do that, you need to bring something unique on the ESG screening side and on the investment analysis side. Linda brings a skill set and a passion to ESG investing, which you need in the active ESG space.”

With his firm’s two ETFs now on the market, Loukas is focused on getting the word out to advisors on the best way to use them.

“One of the challenges when you launch a product is educating an advisor on where it fits into their portfolios,” he says. “If this was my practice, I’d consider these to be satellites; however, they blend perfectly into a core bucket.”

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