To build and market the technology to make their dream a reality, they needed not just venture capital but a team of advisors and technology experts.

“Our No. 1 focus is on advisors who are unable to grow organically because they cannot satisfy the new generation of investors,” he explained. “We have had the most success with forward-thinking, success-driven independent advisory firms that are obsessed with attracting both like-minded advisors and new-gen investors.”

Specifically, Seeds has developed proprietary software that first assesses what matters most to clients in terms of their beliefs—the causes they want to be identified with. The technology then enables advisors to connect these highly personal priorities with appropriate investments.

It’s called a complete, end-to-end software solution because it automatically enables advisors to engage with clients about what they truly care about.

“As an advisor, what an opportunity to be willing to understand how people think about [their core values],” said Zach Conway. “Through Seeds’ digital assessment tools, advisors can uncover how investors feel about bringing their values to life in their portfolios.”

Their venture capital partners seem to agree.

“Advisors need to pivot their value proposition toward a more engaging, digital and personalized experience,” said Howard Lindzon, a Toronto-based hedge fund manager and angel investor, in a statement. “I’m delighted to back this visionary team as they help advisors make the transition.”

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