Happy Tuesday, Fellow Fintechers!

Today we launch this week’s newsletter with Adam Holt, CEO & Founder of wealthtech Asset-Map. In a Q&A, Holt shares an interesting anecdote on how he unintentionally entered the fintech space and began his second career in the piece.     

Guest writer Jane Meacham delves into the question on all advisors’ minds – how to best position their practices to survive the pandemic. Naturally, the answer is ultimately through technology, and she provides insights from Joel Bruckenstein and Andrew Altfest to substantiate the case. 

President of Envestnet |MoneyGuide Tony Leal delves into the new definition of advisor preparedness in another piece, noting advisor’s clients now need 24/7 access, customized planning and worst case scenario financial planning at their fingertips in order to feel fully prepared for any financial scenario and in control.

FA Mag Senior Editor Jeff Schlegel covers the recent parting of ways of Altegris and Artivest. The latter was recently purchased by alternatives platform iCapital, and Altegris was not part of the acquisition, so they are repositioning the Altegris mutual funds and commodity pools under a new partnership with Continuum Capital Managers.

FA Mag Senior Editor Chris Robbins rounds out the week in wealthtech for us with several posts, including news of two new C-Suite female hires at Tifin VC-backed Positivly – we love seeing that – along with word of a new CMO hire at Docupace, which just appointed a new CEO, David Knoch, earlier this year.

Robbins also delves into the meteoric growth of Chicago-based robo-investing platform M1 Finance, which has seen its assets double to $2B in the past 6 months during the pandemic, with 229,000 new brokerage accounts having been set up. 

Finally, we finish with news from Orion that it has overhauled its TAMP and enhanced access to Schwab custodial services and Fidelity Institutional offerings. 

With that, we sign off and wish you a great week! Read up and be in the fintech know!

Yours in Fintech,
Cindy Taylor