Another new program is Flight Options' JetPASS Ultimate Travel, which offers a jet card that gives users access to light, midsize and large cabin aircraft with just one purchase. Hourly rates differ based on time and day of travel. The program also offers round-trip discounts and a refund for any unused balance. Fuel surcharges are also included in pricing.

CitationShares is a division of manufacturer Cesna and offers Citelines, a fractional ownership program, and Vector, a jet card for its fleet of Cesna-built Citation aircraft.

Its fractional program offers discounts to customers who can do their flying on nonpeak days. The more peak days that are eliminated from the program, the higher the savings. Other options claim to offer all-inclusive packaging to rid oneself of "complicated" billing.

The Vector Jet Card operates on the same principle as other jet cards and also offers a version for nonpeak flying in exchange for saving money.

Avantair is one of the most unusual players in the field and, as such, offers a product for people who want the benefits of a private jet but are willing to accept a turboprop, the Piaggio Avanti P. 180, which boasts being the fastest turboprop in the world.

Flying at 458 miles per hour, the Piaggio Avanti P. 180's speed is only about 100 miles per hour below those of conventional jets. It seats up to seven and has a range of 1,150 miles to 1,600 miles, depending on load. The program is worth a look if your travel will fit the plane's mission.

The actual aircraft has the feel of a jet interior, and the company claims big savings on fuel and operating costs.