Consider a multifamily office that invests hundreds of millions of dollars exclusively in private enterprises. Now, consider a multifamily office that also accepts only a few very wealthy families as clients, provided they meet the minimum investment requirements, have a similar investment philosophy and, most importantly, bring proper "chakra" energy to the organization.

While this founding family has been investing in private companies for quite some time, about 50 years ago, the current governing generation established a formal oversight and investment firm that eventually led to the creation of a single-family office. Soon after the office was started, it began accepting other wealthy families, first as co-investors and then as clients. It went from being a single-family to a multifamily office. It employs many smart people to assist in allocating and monitoring their own money and the fortunes that have been entrusted to them. But that's not the magic-and with this multifamily office, it's all about the magic.

The magic is not the super-smart, exceptionally well-paid financial and legal professionals in the multifamily office who look for great companies to invest in or purchase. According to the founding family, there are lots of adept, brilliant professionals who can do that. What matters is their ability to make deals that "breathe exulted life" for all the clients of the office.

Like many multifamily offices, this one is more than just an investment vehicle. Its most important function is to transfer the founding family's "okuden"-hidden teachings-to the inheriting generation. The okuden is shared not only with the next generation of the founding family but also with a select, carefully chosen handful of client family members. The teachings are closely guarded, with the greatest secrets restricted to members of the founding family's bloodline. This spiritual secret knowledge is credited with creating the family's astounding financial prosperity.

Take, for example, a form of qigong practiced by the founding family for generations that transmits chakra energy to others to strengthen them and give them second sight during negotiations. Consequently, the negotiators from the multifamily office are able to discern the true motives and weaknesses of their opponents, giving them the ability to strike preferential agreements.

A minimum of $150 million is required to be a client of this multifamily office. However, much more than money is required. Some founding family members have nurtured the gift of "soul seeing"-one of the hidden teachings. Through this practice, the founding family can determine if the potential client will add or subtract to the spirituality of the office.

It's all about the magic. Members of the founding family, a select number of senior officers of the multifamily office and members of client families, have extensive protective tattoos. The tattoos serve as symbols of personal safety and defend against

evil forces. The higher up a person is in the hierarchy of the founding family or the multifamily office, the more tattoos he or she has. The number of tattoos signifies the levels of mastery of the family's okuden. Unless the person is family, the amount of hidden knowledge they are permitted to learn is very limited, so there's an ink ceiling. 

The bottom line: This multifamily office is much more than a business. It's a spiritual community centered on the founding family and the careful sharing of their okuden. And, according to the founding family, it's the family's okuden that gives this multifamily office a distinct financial and spiritual competitive advantage. The people involved are totally dedicated, where failure results in a more devastating penalty than being fired-banishment and separation from the hidden teachings.