When I was preparing to go to England for the workshop, I must admit I was skeptical, if not downright suspicious, of these stories of so many people turning their lives around on a dime and then living happily ever after. I just don't believe most people are happy-or have the capacity for it, for that matter.

But in the five-day workshop, I realized that a big part of the transformation occurs because the client feels, perhaps for the first time in his life, that someone is interested in him, is listening carefully, and truly believing in his power to change. When I returned to New York, I signed up for a two-day drawing and painting workshop, a series of Apple workshops to learn how to get more out of my Mac, made plans to spend a weekend with my daughter, started meditating every day, as well as writing and drawing in a journal and making time to explore creative pursuits.

I also signed up for the six-month mentorship program that the Kinder Institute offers, which leads to the RLP designation. How's that for action?

Mary Rowland can be reached at [email protected]. She has been a business and personal finance journalist for 30 years and has written two books for financial advisors: Best Practices and In Search of the Perfect Model.

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