I don't know enough financial advisors asking questions like these, but I harbor a dream in which tens of thousands of them will engage in conversations rooted in the Exploration Life, because they understand that their first job is to help clients get a greater ROL because ROI exists only for the ROL purpose.

On the Exploration Life map there is a static place, a plot on the map­­--a resting point, if you will--and it's called the grave. Short of that, the Exploration Life is about learning, growth, next stages, transitions, transformations, life lessons, epiphanies, discoveries, challenges, and change. Age has little to do with it because the place is not geographically located, it is within us--it is who we are and who we are becoming. We keep thinking, we keep dreaming, we keep observing, we continue to explore. We've not reduced our journey to a single destination because we know there is no there there.

In my next article in this series I will explore the one thing guaranteed to give your clients meaning, focus, challenge, and joy...without fail.

©2010 Mitch Anthony. All rights reserved. Mitch is the president of the Financial Life Planning Institute and Advisor Insights Inc. He is an industry leader in training advisors on building life-centered relationships.

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