Financial advisors fall short of broker-dealers in providing cybersecurity for accounts, the Securities and Exchange Commission reported Tuesday.

An SEC survey found 57 percent of advisors regularly audit their cyber policies and procedures versus 89 percent for brokerages.

Advisors are also behind brokers in developing plans to reduce the impact of breaches on customers (51 percent vs. 82 percent).

Additionally, only 32 percent of advisors require cybersecurity assessments of vendors with access to their computer systems compared with 84 percent for broker-dealers. This issue is particularly troublesome because three-fourths of advisors and nearly nine out of ten brokerages have had cyber assaults directly or indirectly through their vendors networks.

Bogus e-mails requesting transfers of client funds were sent to close to half of advisors and brokers surveyed.

The regulator said only a small number of firms in both industries offer guarantees to protect customers from cyber intrusion losses (9 percent for advisors and 15 percent for broker-dealers).

The results came from an SEC Office of Compliance and Examinations cybersecurity review of 49 financial advisors and 57 brokerages.