Skience Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Platform Enhancements
Skience, a financial services technology company headquartered in Herndon, Va., has partnered with client relationship management (CRM) firm Redtail Technology to add an SEC 17a-4 compliant document storage repository to its platform.

Skience Safe stores documents originated either inside or outside of Skience, documents from DocuSign and Envestnet for instance, which are automatically uploaded and indexed. Once the documents are stored, firms can adjust the length of time one is retained. Private folders for mutable documents are also available to clients.

Skience has also made enhancements to its popular Advisor Transitions feature. Through a secure client site, advisors can easily collaborate with their clients to digitally collect missing information required to open financial accounts at their new firm, allowing for quick acquisition of assets by the receiving firm, greater collaboration with clients and reduced processing errors.

Through its partnership with Redtail, Skience platform users can also pass contact and family information more quickly and efficiently than ever before, facilitating the client digital onboarding experience, the company said.

Fabric Launches Risk Management Platform For Investors With Advisors
Fabric, a Denver-based start-up founded by veteran risk manager Richard Bookstaber, has added an application to its platform that brings the factor-based approach to all advisors, no matter how great or how small the amount of their clients’ investable assets.

According to Bookstaber, the Fabric platform sources analytics from MSCI, a world leader in factor modeling, to produce a forward-looking approach to risk management, which he asserted is more reliable than the standard industry approach of relying on history as a guide.

Bookstaber also said that Fabric’s application, which includes exposure to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors such as climate change, is targeted toward advisors who want to set themselves apart from the competition and grow their practice by engaging in a discussion of risk management with both established and prospective clients.

For further information about the platform, visit Fabric’s website at

Cetera To Offer Entire Global X ETF Lineup
Cetera Financial Group will be offering the entire lineup of more than 90 Global X exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on its no-transaction-fee trading platform.

Founded in 2008, Global X includes strategies such as thematic growth, income and international access ETFs, as well as core, commodity and alpha funds. Global X ETFs manages $35 billion in assets under management.

Headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., Cetera Financial serves affiliates making up the nation’s second-largest family of independent broker-dealers.

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