slip sliding away Rinse and repeat. Markets opened lower, light buying came in to lift the 'tape' and the major averages (DOW, S&P 500), NASDAQ Composite) once again finished lower. A little more lower than previous "soft" closes and a bit more weakness creeping in. Buyers getting discouraged and seeing reality? Maybe (finally) realizing this 9 year old bull market is exhausted. The robots have realized this and have been '

stealthy' adjusting for a while now. What does that "


' adjustment look like? Well, glad you wondered. Slowly and quietly the 10 yr note has moved


to under 2.3%. Slowly the VIX has perked up to almost 17


. Slowly, rallies have failed consistently but kept bulls "happy" with not having a big far. This is one of the better


selling I have seen. Sneaky are those robots. Remember, "sell in May and go away" is an old adage (but hey, I'm an old guy) and the robots know it. They are moving out


. Don't wait 'til the last minute. You may find the flight overbooked and you know how


might go (United Air). So lets check our fintech sector focus. Following the KBW NASDAQ 50 stock fintech index


(and we have since inception) we find the index closed at 116.31, off


points (


). Breadth turned really soft with 12 issues advancing, 36 declining and 2 unchanged. Fintech is a very weak sector.

Lets check the stocks in the index that moved 2 points and/or 3% today.


-2.12 (180.82)

OK, that was quick. Now, the rest of the week (and it ain't much) brings an early close tomorrow in the bond market and Friday is a market holiday. Rest up and have a wonderful evening.