Ormond Beach, Fla.-based Snappy Kraken announced on Tuesday the release of a new video marketing tool.

“The Personal Connection Video” bi-weekly series is now being offered to current Snappy Kraken subscribers at no additional cost.

“Until now, advisors had only had a couple of choices for using video,” said Snappy Kraken CEO Robert Sofia in released comments. “Either they had to figure out on their own what to say, where to host it and how to distribute it – which is a lot of work. Or they were left to use some canned videos that somebody else produced for them, maybe ones that are being sold to every other advisor. With our new tool, advisors have the opportunity to create their own impression, in their own personal style, in a simple, easy-to-use approach. Our new video tool radically simplifies the process, making it easy for advisors to stay connected with clients even during these difficult times.”

Personal Connection Video is what Snappy Kraken describes as a “turnkey system” which includes prepared scripts, a branded landing page to host the video, and emails coordinated with video content to promote messages to clients and prospects.

An updated version of the tool, to be released in May 2020, will include complimentary social media posts.

Snappy Kraken has included some video presentation tips for advisors:

  • Be yourself and don’t worry about being a professional presenter. Clients love you for your genuine self.
  • Don’t worry too much about the set or environment as long as it’s clean and professional.
  • Make sure there’s good lighting – overhead light mixed with some natural light works well.
  • Make sure the audio quality is good. There are reasonably priced mics that can be plugged into the computer if the built-in microphone on your computer isn’t working well.