Sofia said clients need nurturing and technology can help. “Give them the right content at the right time. You must have a social media presence and a website. And you do not want to blend in! Tens of thousands of financial advisors are using the same marketing campaigns, so they don’t stand out,’’ Sofia said.

“Be bold, stand out. You’ve got to make noise; don’t be afraid to be noticed. Exclusive and original content gets results.’’

Which applies to the company’s name; a kraken is a mythological sea monster famous for destroying ships. Snappy Kraken co-founder and chief marketing officer Angel Gonzalez explained:

“Not everyone is going to love it, but it creates a reaction. Our kraken is cool. If  you think of business owners as ships, he’s helping them out and lifting them up.’’

Ask provocative questions of your clients, Sofia said, and he then projected questions on the screen and asked the advisors which question stood out; the winner was this: “Is marijuana investing the next big thing?’’

“People will always respond to the interesting thing!’’ he concluded.

 Eleanor O’Sullivan is an award-winning journalist who writes for Financial Advisor.


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