“I’ve been so overwhelmed,” Anderson said. “I know there’s a list of things I have to do, like looking into funding and seeing what the state of Pennsylvania is offering right now, if anything.”

In Atlanta, Amy Wilson closed her Zone of Light Studio last Monday. The eight-year-old business, which offers after-school programs for children and event space for weddings and parties, generated $300,000 in revenue last year. It is now taking in nothing, while monthly bills for rent, insurance and utilities total $11,000.

“I have a little bit saved up, but that will last two or three months,” Wilson said. “If it ends in May, I have lost $70,000, but I will be OK. If it goes through July, it will be awful for me. I will be in big trouble.”

For Choi, the owner of the party-equipment business in the Bay Area, the week has been tough. After initially being told her county didn’t qualify for a disaster loan, she was able to apply. A few days later, she was told her loan was moving forward and could possibly close in a few weeks.

“How long is this going to go on?” she said. “That’s the most nerve-wracking part.”


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