A Next-Generation Advisor Experience
This is undoubtedly in the making, and it looks amazing.
• AdvisorEngine’s CEO, Rich Cancro showcased a fast, responsive CRM platform that looks and acts like their svelte minimalist modern design and enables personalization.

• FP Alpha demonstrated bringing complex estates and wills together with AI/NLP which then creates an easy-to-understand snapshot from dense documents.

• Evan Rapoport at SmartX showed how their modern trade execution engine is able to execute trades in real-time and offer true best execution to clients.

• Morningstar users will soon be benefiting from this impressive technology as it will power the Morningstar TAMP platform.

• Jenny Johnson, CEO of Franklin Templeton talked about digital and their investment in AdvisorEngine as the leading edge of that initiative and went beyond to talk about blockchain and how she is a major proponent of blockchain.

Together with behavioral insights and the ability to provide personalized portfolios at scale, the advisor of the future will be supercharged with a digital cockpit of insights, advice, and automation, and this will be shared with clients enabling them to benefit from all the latest and greatest technology, advice, education, and capabilities. Leveraging these technologies will provide advisors a much-needed deeper human connection with their clients.

This is an exciting time as AI, digital, blockchain, and other key technologies reach wider adoption. The future is bright for the next generation/millennial advisor who will look and feel a lot like Luke Skywalker leading people with digital enablement and empowerment, helping them become their best financial selves.

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