Impax has pursued a bottoms-up, company-by-company approach in managing the Pax World Global Green Fund since its 2008 inception. The fund, which has $36 million in assets, invests primarily in equity securities. Around 40% of its net assets are in non-U.S. issues.

Impax is free to invest across all sectors within green markets worldwide. The   advantage of active fund management in such a diverse market, said Simm, is that Impax can orient or right the portfolio in those areas that have lower risks and better growth prospects.

In 1971, Pax World was the first U.S. mutual fund company to apply social screens in a sustainable investment approach.

Simm sees good prospects ahead for the green sector. It is likely to benefit, he said, from high fossil-fuel prices, and from investments around the world to improve the quality of water supplies.

-Bruce W. Fraser

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