Sometimes there’s little comfort in being No. 1. For instance, when yours is the state that takes the longest for the average citizen to save for a home. has come up with a ranking for those states with the biggest uphill climb for savers. When winnowing down the list, the site looked at the median home listing price in each state, as well as the median income of a state's citizens.

The company assumed would-be homeowners follow a common budgeting rule of thumb: that 50% of net monthly income goes to their needs, 30% goes to their wants and 20% goes to their savings.

“The time it takes to save for a house deposit in each U.S. state varies significantly, reflecting the diverse economic landscapes across the country,” commented Al Harris, the site's content manager. “In states with higher living costs like Massachusetts, Montana, Hawaii or New York, the duration to save for a deposit can stretch to almost a decade, making homeownership a daunting prospect for many.”

Nevertheless, he continued, the dream of one day owning a home does inspire Americans in all states to commit to an aggressive savings plan.

10. Florida

Coming in at 10th place is the Sunshine State, Florida.

With a median monthly income of $4,147, residents can save their 10% down payment on a median listed home in 7.54 years, more than two years ahead of residents in the worst states for ownership of their first homes.

One reason: While Florida’s median income falls in the middle of the pack for the ranking of worst states, the median listed home price in the state is the lowest of all of them, at $462,450.