Framing is predicating on discovery, which lets you determine the appropriate wealth management solutions (Exhibit). Discovery is the process of developing a deep understanding of another person.

Adept discovery enables you to ascertain another people’s worldviews from their opinions and viewpoints. It opens the door to their needs and wants, their wishes and dreams. You also, over time, are able to learn their concerns and anxieties. Discovery is a combination of adroit questioning and empathy.

Based on discovery, you are able to determine what is meaningful to people, enabling you to match up various wealth management products and services that will help your prospects and clients achieve their agendas. Your and your team’s technical expertise is being focused through the lens of discovery. Although the strategies and solutions you identified might be very appropriate, your prospects and clients must still agree and take action.

Framing is the ability to communicate the value you can provide or are delivering to prospects or clients. Very importantly, framing is not necessarily about the wealth management services and products you are recommending or delivering per se. Framing also may not be about educating someone concerning ideas and concepts. Instead, skilled framing is all about communicating the value you are delivering in a way that strongly resonates with the other person. By effectively framing, you are helping your clients and prospects see worth in your recommendations.

Your ability to effectively frame your message so that it strongly connects with clients and prospects is incredibly important for two reasons …

• Ensuring your prospects and clients are well served. If your message does not resonate, there is a high probability that no action will be taken—a loss for your prospects and clients.

• If your prospects and clients fail to take action, over time, your practice will suffer. If people lack confidence in your recommendations or they do not feel comfortable with the choices you are proposing, then they will not implement. Prospects will not become clients, and clients will stop being clients.

For many financial advisors, much of this has more to do with poor communications than in your recommendations themselves.

A Failure to Connect

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