By now you have already had conversations with ALL of your clients, hopefully several times. Now what?

Pick up the phone today to call everyone you know and ask, “How are you?” Listen with empathy. Your next question: “How can I help?” Listen with empathy. If your call reluctance is so bad that you can’t make that call…when do you think it will ever be easier? It’s a pure helping call with absolutely no selling. No reason to be reluctant. Do this for several hours every day until further notice. This may turn out to be your favorite part of every day.

But what if they ask, “Why are you calling me?” You: “Because I’m calling everybody. I’ve already called all of my clients and this is the best way I know how to help. I’m not a doctor or a nurse or I would be at the hospital right now helping that way. How are you doing?”

Heart over call reluctance = future success.

Every day we are one day closer to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every day that you don’t make these calls you are one day farther behind and blowing the best opportunity you’ll ever have in your career to demonstrate your character to your clients, your prospects, your friends, your neighbors, your family and literally everyone you know. 

At some point in the future, as the COVID-19 pandemic is receding and the world is returning to whatever the new normal will be, you will be in the best position new client acquisition position possible.

The battle for client acquisition doesn’t start when the pandemic is over. It’s already begun. Are you winning or losing?

Want more guidance on how to structure these calls? Listen to this:

Bill Bachrach is a respected thought leader, keynote speaker, author, trainer and coach working exclusively in the financial services industry.