They could help you generate the revenue not only to serve them better but to garner for yourself the personal income you need to fund your lifestyle and family goals.

Your clients will be experiencing true, holistic financial planning where they follow your advice to make smart choices about their money in alignment with their goals and values.

Your business could be worth $1 million to $4 million and other advisors and companies would want to buy it.

Turn these bullet points into a clear, compelling and positive statement about your future business, in the first person. You can use your own ideal numbers.

By dividing your finite amount of time by a small, finite number of clients in your community, you enjoy a host of benefits:
You actually get to know your clients at a deep and meaningful level, which makes you and them feel much better about your relationship. This will inspire client loyalty and prompt referrals.

You have the time to deliver a much more valuable experience to your clients. That also makes the relationship better.

Your business revenue and cash flow are predictable, so you know you have the money to provide a higher level of service and fund your own lifestyle without interruption, regardless of what happens in the market, the economy or the world.

Friedrich Nietzsche said, "He who has a reason why can bear most any how." So now that you know why you want to build such a community, how do you go about doing it?

Phase 1: First you have to develop an ideal client profile and then establish a base of ideal clients from among your current clientele. If you are like most financial advisors, even if you have hundreds of clients, chances are that ten or even fewer are actually ideal. Don't be concerned. This is normal and you can add more using this group as a base.

Again, your ideal clients are those who generate enough money to make your business work and have personalities you enjoy. You can tell who is currently an ideal client and who is not just by looking at your calendar. Those who make you smile are probably ideal. Those who make you groan or evoke no emotional response one way or another are not.