Jeffrey P. Friedman, M.D., is certified in internal medicine and has been practicing for more than 40 years. He is the medical director of Community Health Associates and a member of MDVIP. 

Russ Alan Prince: Can you tell us about your approach to physician care?

Jeffrey Friedman: Patients always come first. This might sound like a given, but today’s healthcare system is not always about patients. Healthcare today, unfortunately, is not always about making patients the priority. For example, a significant failing of the healthcare system is that hospital-based care is often centered on procedures and not preventive care. 

In some ways, I think of myself as an old-time family doctor. When I see patients, it’s important to take the time to make sure all aspects of their care from diagnosis and treatment to ensuring that the patients clearly understand their healthcare issues. Being thorough is critical. 

While I make certain I’m up to speed on all the latest diagnostic and treatment options, it’s equally important that I know my patients well. This way I cannot only provide the very best medical care possible, but they know that they’re getting my complete attention and commitment.

Not surprisingly, my patients are interested in living long healthy lives. That’s why my practice has a strong focus on early diagnosis, health maintenance, and preventive care. My goal is to head off or effectively treat healthcare problems before they worsen into crises. At the same time, I’m a health advocate for my patients when they get seriously sick. I act as a “navigator” of treatment options on their behalf.

I’m able to provide state-of-the-art medical care while being attuned to the idiosyncrasies of each of my patients because I've limited the number of patients I work with by joining MDVIP. 

Prince: How does MDVIP work for you?

Friedman: I believe that a close collaborative relationship should exist between the physician and the patient. We’re a team working together to achieve the ideal outcomes for the patient’s ongoing health. MDVIP shares my philosophy of healthcare delivery. They’re one of the national leaders in personalized healthcare helping me further enhance the care I can provide my patients. 

Because of my tenure as a physician in Connecticut, I have extensive relationships with the leading specialists in the area including exceptional hospitals such as Yale New Haven Hospital as well as exceptional hospitals in New York City. MDVIP expands the list of the finest medical centers for my patients. 

Prince: What has been the effect of Covid-19 on your practice?

Friedman: During the lockdown, we took extreme precautions to protect patients and ourselves from Covid. Covid hasn’t gone away, and it’s likely to be with us, possibly forever. We’re still taking precautions, but they’re less extreme now that there are vaccines and treatments.

During Covid, and it’s something we’re continuing, is connecting with patents by way of a certified and secure audio/video platform that all my patients can access. I’ve always been available to my patients by phone in case of emergency. The secure audio/video platform makes it easier for some of my patients to stay in touch.

While telemedicine is part of my practice, I’m finding most of my patients prefer to come into the office. Even in those situations, where I don’t have to do a physical exam, being able to spend the time and talk to them in person, seems to give them a greater sense of ease. Talking with them at these times also helps me make sure I deeply understand them which gives me insights to better care for them.

Prince: How do you see your practice in the next few years?

Friedman: I love what I do, so in the next few years—for sure—I plan to keep practicing medicine the way I do today. I spend a lot of time and effort staying current on the latest diagnostic procedures and the latest treatments. I make sure I know the best specialists to refer my patients to. At the same time, I like being an old-time family doctor. Knowing the history and personality of each of my patients is valuable because coupled with the latest proven healthcare diagnostic and treatment options, lets me deliver the highest level of medical care to them. 

Russ Alan Prince is the executive director of Private Wealth magazine and chief content officer for High-Net-Worth Genius. He consults with family offices, the wealthy, fast-tracking entrepreneurs, and select professionals.