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From the brink. On another quiet day (with respect to news events) the market gyrated quite a bit. It was the bears day from the get-go. The S&P started down about 40 points and slowly got worse until around 2 PM. At that point, for reasons unknow, the tape turned. And when it did, it did so in a hurry. All the damage of the day was undone and we finished the day up almost a percent.

That’s effectively a push (given all this volatility) but I think the dip-buyers can hang their hats on a big win here. In the very short term, it looks like a bottom has formed. Tomorrow could always destroy that notion but the S&P is up 2 days in a row, for the first time all month *and* the S&P turned around intraday in the last two sessions. Yesterday we bottomed around 2350 and today we bottomed around 2400.

Those two levels are now *the* technical support levels that all the chart-watchers will focus on. If 2400 gives way, 2350 becomes Custer’s Last Stand. Short and long term bulls will be watching that closely.

I think the bears are on their heels at the moment and so while they are looking for 2400 and 2350 to come back into play also, I think they are more worried about further losses.

Shorts are probably looking at 2500 and 2580 as fight-or-flight levels.

Notice that everything we are talking about is chart-based. Earnings schmearnings…. We’re in the emotional blender and investors are trying to divine the next move through tape-watching.

Turns are going to be nearly impossible to identify but emotions tend to run in streaks so expect long *intraday* runs. The good vibes are going to build with every uptick and the depression is going to swell with each downtick.

We’re still in the blender. I don’t have any idea when it’ll end but because we’ve seen the bulls dig their heels in here, I think we’re going to have a little bit of range-based action…. I don’t know how long it’ll last but I’m hoping until January?

A violent range isn’t any fun but at least it’s a range….I hope, I hope.

See you tomorrow, -Mike

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