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Is it Memorial Day yet? That’s what it seemed like. Today was quiet. I’m going to need a longer list of synonyms for quiet because trading has been uninteresting for a couple weeks and it doesn’t show any signs of changing. Capital flow was 80% today. The S&P had a high-low range of 10 points (37 bips). Since the early 80’s , that’s a 4-percentile day for intraday movement.

Here’s the added wrinkle about today…it was option expiration


. Usually on an expiration


, capital flow is 120-140%. Usually, there’s some movement in the underlying. That obviously didn’t happen today. I don’t remember an expiration


with such light volume. There’s nothing to say and there’s no good/interesting interpretation.

It’s quiet. Too quiet. Whaddya gonna do?

Have a great weekend, see you