If you're looking for affordable, middle-class living conditions, steer clear of Silicon Valley.

At least, that's what a ranking of ZIP codes by home value indicates.

Consumer credit watchdog Credit Karma found that the priciest digs were clustered around the heart of the U.S. tech industry in northern California, as well as exclaves of ostentatious wealth in southern California and on New York's Long Island.

Credit Karma ranked locations by their 12-month average median home value.

In finding the most expensive ZIP codes, Credit Karma also ranked the cheapest, finding that most of the lowest-cost areas were in West Virginia and nearby counties in Kentucky and Virginia, with another pocket of areas with extremely low home prices residing astride the Mississippi River in Arkanasas and Mississippi. The cheapest ZIP code in the country, by home value, is 24736, which covers Lashmeet, W. Va. and other nearby communities in the state's rugged, sparsely populated Appalachian highlands.

Credit Karma also looked at where home prices are rising the fastest, a sign of the most in-demand locations across the U.S. In their ranking, eight of the 10 ZIP codes with the fastest-rising home prices are in Ohio, with 44606, the zipcode for Apple Creek, Ohio, a small community between Columbus and Akron, rising the fastest, by 66.2% over the 12 months ending Sept. 30, 2023.

10. 92661 - Newport Beach, Calif.
Nestled along the Orange County coast in southern California, Newport Beach is a wealth management powerhouse, home to major firms like PIMCO and Pacific Life Insurance. It's also a magnet for wealth private citizens, with a $4.2 million average median home value over the 12 months ending Sept. 30, representing a 20.5% increase over that period. That makes already pricey Newport Beach the fastest rising zipcode by home value on our top 10 list.