The foundation is for you to provide them with a consistent high-quality thought leadership content that they can distribute to their clients, prospects and even their COIs. It is also necessary for you to show them how to optimize the content and how they can profit from the different pieces.

This methodology, when implemented well, will be able to generate significant new business and fees from their former and existing clients as well as generate new client opportunities. The result is much more successful COIs, and, due to the Law of Reciprocity, you too will financially benefit in the form of client referrals.


Each of these three obstacles can make getting high-net-worth client referrals from COIs hard and sometimes impossible. Though these obstacles are fairly prevalent, they are also easily conquerable. What is required of you is adopting a perspective that you are auditioning COIs to work with you.

You are doing them a big favor, because if they pass the audition you are going to help them take home a lot more money. Remember, you will provide viable ways for your COIs to build their practices with the wealthy. One established approach is to help them become thought leaders.

You are also going to make it a whole lot easier for them to refer their wealthy clients to you. You will replace uncertainty and confusion with a very clear explanation of “why you!”

The methodologies work; you just need to diligently apply them. By going in this direction, no matter what is happening in the economy or the markets, you are building a more and more successful wealth management business.     

Russ Alan Prince is president of R.A. Prince & Associates. Brett Van Bortel is director of consulting services for Invesco Consulting.

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