I've been driving on weekends to Cape Cod this summer, and this year I've noticed a lot of things that annoy me, often because they are wasteful. Here's my list; I bet you've also seen things like this in your travels:

1. Why is there a cop at every construction site who just stands there while all the workers drink coffee and talk?

2. Why are roads that are in good shape in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island being re-paved when the money could be better spent or not spent at all?

3. How many signs need to be posted telling us that the money for this or that project came from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act?

4. Why are towns and states wasting money by having work crews cut tree branches that are 50 feet off the highway and mow lawns in medians that no one cares about?

5. Why do people order large drinks instead of small when refills are free?

6. Why do supermarkets mark items "3 for $5.99," but if you buy only one you still get it for $2? You didn't need to buy three.

7. Why is it that when I order decaf coffee at Dunkin Donuts I get caffeinated half the time or when I say skim milk they reach for regular milk or cream until I correct them? Does anyone listen these days?

8. Why does my GPS system recalculate right at the point I need it most?

9. Why do people at self-serve gas stations leave their cars at the pump when they go inside to buy milk or a paper, forcing other people to wait to get gas?

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