Welcome to our best financial services innovation articles and thought leadership discussions that the Institute for Innovation Development (IID) developed throughout 2021. They report on an important range of industry business innovation topics including interviews of fintech company CEOs, innovative business and money management leaders, as well as, exploring next generation client and community engagement strategies and business management/practice management topics that the Institute and its founding members were engaged with last year.

It will also give you an indication of the innovative people, discussions and topics that we will continue to explore and bring to you in 2022. Join us for the ride! Cheers!

Uncovering Fintech Companies And Next-Generation Advisor Services:
Disrupting The Alternative Investments Marketplace (Realblocks)
Implementing Compliance Technology Strategically (Smart-RIA)
Innovating Investment Research for Greater Insight and Engagement (YCharts)
Redesigning The Investment Product Distribution Model (FLX Distribution)
Technology As Compliance's Secret Weapon and Strategic Partner (Joot)
The Speed of Advice in The Financial Planning Process (Asset-Map)
Transforming The Act of Compliance (Smart-RIA)

Uncovering The Art And Science Behind Unique Client Engagement Strategies:
A Digital Marketing Strategy That Builds Connection (ReminderMedia)
Curated Content Designed as A Strategic Engagement Tool (UpContent)
Developing An Intelligent Email and News Service for Wealth Managers (ReachStack)
Insight Automation and Next-Best Actions for Advisor Relevancy (ForwardLane)
The State of The Art of Virtual Selling and Engagement (WhiteGlove)
Unique 'Open Architecture' Wealth Management Options Using PPLI (Investor’s Preferred Life)

Uncovering Progressive, Active Investment Management Perspectives:
A Fixed Income Boutique Designed for A Different Perspective (Channel Investment Partners)
A Modernized Approach to Tactical Investing and Portfolio Design (Tactical Funds Advisors)
An Advisor's Field Guide to Downside Protection (Blueprint Investment Partners)
Being Poised and Ready to Profit from Unexpected Downturns (3D Capital Management)
Designing An ETF For Innovation (Main Management)
Indices That Prove a Trend Validation Point for Investment Managers (Trendrating)
Innovation Investing Using an Evolutionary Lens Approach (Evolutionary Tree Capital Management)
Socially Responsive Investing--New Innovative Resources and Ongoing Needs (Parnassus, PekinHardy, Silk Invest, ZEO Capital, and ReyndersMcVeigh)

Uncovering Asset Management Trends And Strategic Support For Asset Managers:
A 2022 Outlook on Next-Generation Asset Management Distribution (MarketBridge)
Advanced Analytic Tool to Beat Benchmarks and Passive Investing (Trendrating)
New Business Opportunities for Boutique Asset Managers (Sondhelm Partners)
Oversight Recommendations on AI And Quantitative Investment Strategies (Hillcrest Asset Management)
The Connected Experience for Asset Managers and Their Advisor Clients (ForwardLane)
Value Creation, Innovation and Democratization for Asset Managers (FLX Distribution)

Deep-Dive Interviews On Important Financial Services Industry Issues:
All-Time Market Highs Fueling Advisors' Anxiety (Blueprint Investment Partners)
How The Pandemic Accelerated the Future of The Private Funds Industry (Ultimus Leverpoint)
Research On Changing Consumer Perceptions (MarketBridge)
Survey On The 2021 State of The Independent Retail Investor (Trade-Ideas)
The Real-World Imperative Behind Digital Transformation (Docupace)
Will AI and ML Revolutionize the Financial Services Industry? (Joot)

Covering Eclectic Mix Of Early 2021 Events And Institute Podcast Interview:
A ‘Rebuilding American Retirement' Call to Arms for Financial Advisors (Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp)
Helping Advisors Grow by Focusing on Learning Vs. Training (Clarity2Prosperity)
Synapse Summit 2021--A Community Making Innovation and Business Growth Happen 2021 (Synapse)
Bill Hortz Identity Interview (by Hugh Massie of DNA Behavior)

Thank you for reading and much more to come in 2022!

Bill Hortz
Founder, CEO and Dean
Institute for Innovation Development

The Institute for Innovation Development is an educational and business development catalyst for growth-oriented financial advisors and financial services firms determined to lead their businesses in an operating environment of accelerating business and cultural change. We position our members with the necessary ongoing innovation resources and best practices to drive and facilitate their next-generation growth, differentiation and unique community engagement strategies. The institute was launched with the support and foresight of our founding sponsors—Ultimus Fund Solutions, NASDAQ, Pershing, Fidelity, Voya Financial, Advisorpedia and Charter Financial Publishing (publisher of Financial magazine).