Total Alignment Wealth Advisors, based in New York City, has been launched to provide holistic family office services to ultra-high-net-worth families and individuals, the firm announced Tuesday.

The firm is offering the Total Alignment Family CFO to provide financial organization, implementation assistance and advice on all aspects of the clients’ financial lives. The services will include estate planning, taxes, insurance, cash flow and investment monitoring, and, where appropriate, recommendations on replacement of advisors, according to the announcement.

The firm was created by Michael Ross and Robert Hayden, both CFPs. Ross has a background in investments and executive benefits and Hayden in estate planning and law.

Total Alignment will coordinate the work of the client’s accountants, estate planning attorneys, insurance advisors and investment managers. It also will offer reviews of trust-owned life insurance and do financial planning for life events such as retirement, death and divorce.

Services will be provided on a fee-only basis. Each advisor at the firm is limited to 20 clients in order to provide personalized service, the firm says. Total Alignment has six employees, four of whom are advisors.

The firm is partially owned by four clients who became the first investors. Most clients have between $20 million and $100 million in assets.

“We created the firm in response to our clients who wanted an independent advisor,” says Hayden. “We are not sales people and we do not do investment management. We have an advice-only model. We do research and connect our clients with the resources they need.”