TradePMR, a Gainesville, Fla.-based technology and custodial services provider that works exclusively with RIAs, has released multiple trading updates to Fusion, its custodial platform, according to a news release.

Enhancements to Fusion now include sleeve trading capabilities for model strategies and portfolio options hedging for advisors that want to generate more yield through options strategies, the company said.

Fusion’s new Options Hedge feature gives an advisor the ability to automatically generate a covered call or protective put position across multiple accounts at the portfolio level, based on advisors' hedge settings. Advisors can monitor their options positions and quickly close or roll into a new strike price position or expiration using Fusion’s new option summary report, the company said.

Through Fusion’s integration with Flyer Trading Network (FTN), a multiasset network designed to streamline trading, advisors can now build a customized portfolio strategy made up of existing models that allow them to develop a sleeve within Fusion, according to the news release. Strategies provide real-time asset class information utilizing a direct integration with Morningstar. Additionally, an integration with FinMason provides risk scoring and strategy analytics.

The FTN integration with Fusion also eliminates the need to export and upload order and allocation files across multiple platforms, while standardizing and managing the connections between advisor platforms and TradePMR with a unified API for trade and post-trade workflows. As a result, advisors using third-party portfolio management and rebalancing platforms can now electronically trade equities, including ETFs, and mutual funds intraday, the company said.

“Customizing at scale can be a daunting task,” Robb Baldwin, founder and CEO of TradePMR, said in a news release. “2020’s market volatility is a perfect reminder to us all ... that investors need their financial advisors more than ever.”

TradePMR, founded in 1998, launched its Fusion desktop advisor workstation in 2013.