There are lots of "exclusive" restaurants and clubs. The waiting list for Per Se, for example, can be extensive. Then there are those hard-to-get-into clubs like The Top of the World, where you dance by candlelight to full orchestras until the sun comes up. But they pale in exclusivity compared with some ultra-private clubs for the ultra-rich. Some of these elite clubs go back decades or more.

Most are the more recent brainchildren of wealthy entrepreneurs. With the boom in the super-rich-many multi-millionaires are being minted daily and billionaires are coming out of the woodwork the world over-the attraction of a truly private, private club that has all the perquisites they could possibly want and a level of service surpassing that of their own dedicated staff has proven to be a powerful draw.

Some elite clubs are theme driven, while others are just focused on "the best." To get a feel for these exclusive clubs, just consider 777 (pronounced triple-seven). Originating in Europe, 777 operates throughout the world. It's a club on demand. In other words, its members can request attendance to the club in many parts of the globe and the club will be there in full swing. From a timing standpoint, 777 usually needs a week or less of notice to offer a specific event.

The entertainer for a 777 evening is usually a present-day headliner. In fact, it's not unheard of for an entertainer to "come down with something" and cancel his scheduled show to perform for a 777 audience. The guest chef has left his own restaurant for the night to create a menu, including all his signature dishes, for the club's guests. Why would they do this? For the money, of course.

The appeal of 777 is evident. However, it comes with a cost and some restrictions. There's a fee to join that's in excess of ten million euros, and the annual renewal fee is a few million euros. The fee for the person "calling" the event-the person putting in the order-is about two million euros. That gives him or her the right to request the entertainment and food as well as invite a set number of guests. Once an event is going live, the other members of 777 are notified and they can also attend, for a price ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of euros. Attendance is always limited to no more then 40 people and there is never an empty seat.

Secrecy is a critical component of 777. To have the opportunity to join the club requires being referred by three other members and submitting to a very involved screening system. Guests to an event also are thoroughly screened.

What is the future of clubs like 777? It's probably quite good so long as the wealthy propagate and, more important, become meaningfully wealthier. The experience of 777 is, in many ways, unmatched and there is a segment of the super rich that will always pay for such a luxury.