Fintech firm Vestmark has received a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a process that helps financial advisors better manage portfolios with multiple client accounts.

The patented trade-order management system allows advisors and institutions to:

• Efficiently execute trades with multiple custodians.

• Ensure regular rotations of account trades, which prevents a single individual account from always trading first and obtaining the best prices.

• Manage high volumes of trades with different counterparties in accordance with rotations, at scale.

• Seamlessly monitor all trading activity with every counterparty, and adhere to compliance with trade rotation policies.

• Automatically route trades to the right desks, and in the correct formats that the desks require for processing them.

• Ensure trades are sent to where investors have fee arrangements, to leverage pricing advantages where available and applicable.

“We're making it easier and more efficient for advisors to provide a range of sophisticated investment vehicles to their clients, and to manage and even customize the client solutions in a very scalable way," said Vestmark’s CEO John Lunny.

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