Taxes aren't supposed to discriminate against people because of where they live, but a new WalletHub report has found that your address really does impact your tax hit.

The personal finance website assessed each state in terms of the return residents get on their taxes and found wide variations.

In addition to identifying the states with the best returns, the study also revealed which state residents get the least bang for their buck for the taxes they pay.

WalletHub stressed that the rankings have little to do with whether a state's taxes are high or low.

"Different states have dramatically different tax burdens," the report said. "This begs the question of whether people in high-tax states receive superior government services. Likewise, are low-tax states more efficient or do they receive low-quality services? In short, where do taxpayers get the most and least bang for their buck?"

To find out which states have the worst taxpayer return on investment (ROI), WalletHub contrasted state and local tax collections with the quality of the services residents receive in each of the 50 states using 30 metrics within five categories: education, health, safety, economy, and infrastructure and pollution. Each state’s overall government services score was then compared to its total taxes paid per capita by residents aged 18 and older.

Below, in descending order, are WalletHub’s top 10 states with the worst taxpayer ROI:

10.  Connecticut

The state ranked fifth in education and health, and eighth in safety. However, Connecticut ranks 46th in total taxes paid per capita and sixth in overall government services.