Financial planners are looking at questions and issues that occupy huge portions of our lives. With the right words, we can look more thoroughly at those places where our lives touch money and where money requires responses and decisions. We could start to understand the nuances that would enable meaningful conversations. What does an individual need from money? What must individuals do to survive and thrive given the demands money makes on them? How can we more effectively address money pathologies?

Our words need to address the relationships between money and the other important aspects of our lives: Marriage. Children. Health. Jobs. Family. Education. Relationships with others. Relationships with the divine. Notions of what makes life worth living.
"In the beginning was the Word ..."

Richard B. Wagner, JD, CFP, is the principal of WorthLiving LLC, based in Denver. He is the 2003 recipient of the Financial Planning Association's P. Kemp Fain Jr. Award, which recognizes a member who has made outstanding contributions to the profession.

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