Tradier Brokerage announced a partnership with Portfolio123  to add seamless broker connectivity with commission-free trading to the fast Portfolio123 equity backtesting engine and advanced ranking capability. Portfolio123 has a seamless system on which retail investors can rank stocks and ETFs, and it enables users to run what-if scenarios, including a powerful portfolio simulation.  With the launch of Portfolio123’s Invest platform and the partnership with Tradier, clients can deploy and manage strategies across multiple accounts very easily.

Investors crave sensible strategies that they can stick with through thick and thin while avoiding getting hurt by commissions and high fees. Portfolio123 increases their users’ confidence by providing them with evidence that their strategies can really work.

Backstop Solutions Group, a cloud-based productivity suite for institutional and alternative investors, has launched IntellX, the newest offering in the group’s suite of data products and services.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Backstop IntellX ultimately aims to automate inbound data collection, classification, and management, enabling the operations teams inside large asset owners to boost productivity and spend more of their time on the activities that create the most value for their investment teams.

Snappy Kraken, a marketing technology company focused on helping financial professionals automate their marketing and business processes, has named three new board members: Marty Bicknell, CEO and President of Mariner Wealth Advisors, Aaron Klein, CEO of Riskalyze, and Thad Langford, General Partner of Flyover Capital.

Both Bicknell and Flyover Capital participated in several rounds of funding for Snappy Kraken, including the seed round awarded by Scratchworks.

Vasyl Soloshchuk is CEO and co-owner at INSART, a fintech and Java engineering company. Vasyl is also the author of WealthTech Club, which conducts research into Fortune 500 and start-up robo-advisor and wealth management companies.

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