As a financial advisor, you are willing to help anyone make progress towards their financial goals. You do not discriminate. As long as the person’s money has been obtained legitimately, you are here to help. Cultural differences play a role. Based on your background, this can work to your advantage. If you come from a different background, you must avoid giving offense.

How Your Background Can Work To Your Advantage
Everyone originally came from someplace else. If you have a heritage that traces back to a specific culture, this can be a positive advantage in business. Generally speaking, people like doing business with people who are more alike than different. There is a feeling of trust, especially in close-knit communities.

1. Your credentials. Some cultures have been in the country forever. Others have shallower roots. Education is paramount. When introducing yourself in your professional role, highlighting your credentials is paramount. You are licensed. This can be verified. You have no blemishes on your record.

2. Your firm. People belonging to a certain culture might want to work with people from a similar background, but they want assurances everything is legitimate. Working for a big firm with a household name is a major advantage. Inviting people into your office establishes that you work there.

3. Education. This is the first rung on the ladder to a better life and assimilation into the broader society. It is important. Parents will sacrifice to give their children the best education possible. When you talk about how you can help them in this area, you have their attention.

4. Responsibilities to family members. If parents sacrifice to help their children succeed, it is understood those same children have a responsibility to provide for their parents when they are older. Children might consider themselves part of the modern world and not as caregivers, but financial products that can provide income for retired family members should be attractive.   

5. Professional associations. Do some online research. If you live in a big city, you will likely find at least one chamber of commerce aligned to your cultural background. Within the legal and medical communities, you should also find cultural professional organizations.

6. Community influencers. Cultural communities often have their own houses of worship. There are also successful businesspeople and celebrities in fields like sports and entertainment who are considered role models. If these individuals feel you are here to help the community, they may be willing to tell your story. Ideally, they become clients first.

7. Volunteerism. If someone is cynical, it is easy to divide the community into givers and takers. Many people give back to the community by volunteering their time, performing even menial tasks. You want to do the same. It raises your visibility and helps spread your reputation by word of mouth.

8. Mentoring. If possible, you should aspire to this role. If you came from the same cultural background and became successful, you are seen as a role model. You should be ready to help the person behind you scale the wall.

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